Saturday, December 11, 2010

What is RealBLow Sex Machine?

Male masturbation plus technology equals the RealBLow Sex Machine. RealBLow Sex Machine has improved upon the idea of the Fleshlight (a pocket pussy), and infused it with 21st century technology to create a machine that causes an orgasm with no physical effort on your part.   After lubricating and inserting your penis into the RealBLow Sex Machine, you simply turn on the sucking motion and control the speed of your blowjob via a dial on the control unit.   If you are short on time, or if you enjoy a fast orgasm,  you can can set the RealBLow Sex Machine to move rapidly. It will bring you to a super-intense orgasm in just a few minutes.  Alternatively, you can use the RealBLow Sex Machineto improve your sexual stamina by setting the dial to give you a blowjob at a slow to medium speed.  This will increase your stamina and overall pleasure because you will be able to fully enjoy the longer period of time just before ejaculation. (that exciting period when you know for sure the orgasm is definitely going to cum). This stamina exercise will actually enable you to last longer when having sex or masturbating. It will allow you to take full control during that time when you can either hold back or let go and explode into the climax of ejaculation. Users reported achieving orgasm anywhere from 3-20 minutes, depending on the speed of the machine and personal characteristics, such as sensitivity of the penis. 

Although the RealBLow Sex Machineis relatively new to the male masturbation device market, they are blowing past the competition and have already sold more than 100,000 units*  (105,255 as of March 4th, 2009), seriously challenging the Fleshlight. 

Best Vagina Machine Toy - RealBlow Sex Machine

The RealBlow Sex Machine is one of my personal favorites when it comes to Vagina Machine because it’s the only hands-free Vagina Machine that I know of.  I like the idea (and so do you, probably) of just sitting back and getting a blowjob or a handjob from a girl. It’s probably the best feeling on earth! So what this company did is that it created a Vagina Machine that was fully automatic – just like the real thing. With the RealBlow Sex Machine, you put your penis in, turn on the spring loaded beads that are attached to a small motor – and the machine jerks you off. You can even blow your load inside the machine if you are so inclined. The RealBlow Sex Machine male masturbator comes in at US85, it is definietly the lowest price hand-free sex toy in the internet, check this out at: